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For more than 45 years Ventil Test Equipment is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of high quality valve test units for pressure and leakage testing.

An unrivalled commitment to quality and performance, continuous development and innovating in close cooperation with our clients, have brought us where we are today; World’s leading manufacturer of high pressure test equipment for industrial safety control and shut off valves.

Ventil test units are being used by valve manufacture- and repair companies in over 60 countries worldwide

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Ventil: Innovators in Valve Testing

Ventil is one of the leading manufacturers of high pressure testing equipment for industrial control, safety and shut-off valves.

With the head-office located in Houston, USA, Ventil has many other branches in Europe, Middle East, Kazakhstan and Russia. They offer a wide variety of vertical and horizontal test benches, valve repair tools, portable in-situ testing equipment and transportable workshops

Ventil has been in operation for more than 60 years now. They are the key supplier for custom built solutions and are designing and manufacturing high quality solutions for testing of industrial and safety valves. Ventil test units are used by valve manufacture & repair companies in more than 85 countries worldwide. The dedication to quality and innovation has lead to Ventil's current reputation as the world's leading manufacturer of valve testing gear.

Orbit Series

The ORBIT is a robust, lightweight Grinding & Lapping machine for in-shop or in-situ reparing of damaged valve seats. The setting up and construction of the ORBIT is unique, and makes it suitable for all types of vertical seats (Check valves, Parallel slide and Gate) and horizontally mounted seats (Safety and Globe valves).

The most salient features of the ORBIT Series include:

  • The V-TEC orbital mechanical driven Lapping & Grinding technology
  • Lightweight and Robust
  • The best flatness accuracy with the highest material removal rate
  • Versatile universal too for Gate, Globe, Parallel Slide and Safety valves

Pro Dual Series

The Pro Dual Series is a Stationary Lapping & Grinding machine for Globe, Gate, Check, Parallel Sliding and Safety valves. The PRO DUAL is a quite strong stationary machine for all common types of valves. It is mounted on a strong base structure with a tilting table and a storage facility for accessories, tools, consumables and drive heads. The main features of the PRO DUAL Series include:

  • Strong, Universal and stable
  • Manufactured and designed for the latest valve repair shop
  • The highest material removal rate and the best flatness accuracy
  • Consisting of the V-TEC orbital mechanical driven lapping and grinding technology

Titan Series

The TITAN 16 is considered a robust, strong boring & facing machine for on-site & in-shop machining of sealing faces on flanges, valves & other objects. The main features include:

  • Re-cutting groves for 'O' rings and seals
  • The stable, universal and robust working range will include up to 16" valves sizes
  • Refacing, flange and sealing capacity for faces

Profile Series

The Profile Series is actually a high speed grinding machine which is designed for precision machining of conical and flat valve seats and other sealing faces. The most salient features of the Profile Series include:

  • Precise control and adjustment capabilities
  • The availability of grinding cones for conical seats: 30º, 40º, 60º, 75º and 90º
  • A stable, universal and robust mounting system

Optic Series

A optical flat polishing & lapping machine designed for high precision and fine finishing of sealing faces of safety vales. The main features include:

  • The frame is built of stainless steel
  • The machine has a fully automatic liquid diamond dispensing system and a process timer

Focus Series

The Focus hand lapping system will enable you to achieve a high quality mirror finish with the lowest cost. The composite blocks can be used for components up to a diameter of 2.5 to 65mm.

  • Completed with the necessary lapping, paste and lubricant features
  • Economical with quality lapping results
  • Three different types are available such as Course, Finish and Super Finish

Valve Brush Toolkit

This is a high speed rotating brushing set, which is designed to remove dust and seal residues quite easily. The brushes would spread easily to access all parts of the cleaning surfaces. It helps to prepare any surface for painting and coating. A powerful air-driven hand tool powers the brush. The main features include:

  • A dedicated tool-set for valve maintenance
  • Enables instant valve repairing with minimum mechanical rework
  • Economical and extremely effective valve maintenance


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