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Cold Cut and Bevel Pipe

Mactech Australia’s Clamshell Lathes are portable pipe cutting machines for in-situ precision cutting and beveling of all pipe sizes, schedules and materials. Our line covers wide range of pipe sizes from 2 inches to 110 inches outside diameter.

The clamshells lathes are designed so that minimal radial and axial clearance is required for easy installation on in-line pipe. A variety of attachments and accessories are available to utilize the versatility of our industry- leading clamshell lathes.

Mactech’s Clamshell Lathes are advanced machines that can handle the most demanding applications while delivering outstanding precision and accuracy required by today’s machining processes.

They are built for in-situ precision cutting and bevelling of all pipe sizes, schedules and materials.

Mactech’s large diameter clamshells are exceptional OD mount facing tools for heat exchange resurfacing.

Mactech models available for rent or purchase:

LC Clamshell Lathe

The LC low clearance series are designed to fit into tight working areas, as well as minimize machine weight. 

These clamshells are lightweight, but retain rigidity during operation.

USS Clamshell Lathe

The USS series combines the low clearance of the LC clamshell lathes, while providing additional thickness and strength.

Larger diameter clamshells must be rigid to maintain a consistent and accurate machining process. 

The USS clamshell lathes offer heavy-duty construction for even greater rigidity during operation.

WD Clamshell Lathe

The WD series worm drive system provides the necessary power to cut extra heavy wall, and is capable of cutting pipe greater than 40 inches diameter. Mactech’s large diameter clamshells lathes are exceptional OD mount facing tools for heat exchanger resurfacing.


Each Mactech Clamshell comes complete with:

  • In-line air, right angle air, or hydraulic drive
  • Air Caddy (lubricator and filter)
  • Complete set of Tool Blocks & Slides
  • Locator pad set to cover entire machining diameter range
  • All required hand tools
  • Gang box for machine storage
  • Operating manual

Special Options:

  • Hydraulic Power Supply 10 or 20 hp
  • Counterbore Module
  • Single Point Module
  • Axial Feed Weld Overlay Removal Module


In-line Air Drive:

In-line Air Drive:

Right Angle and Reversible Drives:

Hydraulic Drive:

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