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MACTECH AUSTRALIA is Australia’s foremost provider of on-site machining services.

At Mactech Australia we provide the best solutions for industry by forming rock solid relationships with our suppliers.

Our warranties and after-sales service are also rock solid, and our product training is second to none.

Our versatility is what makes our capabilities truly unique. No job is too big or small, as the cutting capabilities of our machines ranges from 4 inches to 120 inches. Our fleet of diamond wire saws have successfully performed thousands of diamond wire cuts.

Additionally, our clamshell lathes, internal cutters and other cutting machines provide a variety of equipment for any scenario.

All equipment and tools are available for sale or rent worldwide. Each piece is tested to ensure it is fully operational and that it passes our demanding performance standards.

Being the original manufacturer, we ensure quality, affordability, and availability of our products. Our equipment can perform under virtually all conditions and employs innovative designs and excellent durability.

We have the equipment you need to get your job done on time and on budget.

Mactech Onsite Solutions

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