Drill Heads A10048SH & A10048H


  • Compact – smaller head available in two column lengths
  • Drills up to 13/16 inch (20.64mm) in solid steel without pilot hole
  • Drills up as well as down, even horizontally
  • Fits in tight spaces
  • Rugged

  • Drill Capacity–AISI 1020 Steel: 13/16 Inch Diameter
  • Tap Capacity–AISI 1020 Steel: 3/4–10 threads per inch
  • Motor Horsepower: 5.21 Hp
  • Maximum Torque: 525 inch pounds
  • Variable R.P.M: to 625 RPM
  • Feed Method: Hand
  • Tool Shank A10048SH: #1 Stub Taper
  • Tool Shank A10048H: #1 Morse Taper
  • Magnet Capacity (Pull Force): 1200 pounds force
  • Magnet Size: 4-7/8 inches
  • Weight A10048SH: 22 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: A10048SH 28 pounds
  • Crate Dimensions A10048SH: Height 9¼ inches, Width 9¼ inches Length 10¼ inches
  • Weight A10048H: 26 pounds
  • Shipping Weight A10048H: 33 pounds
  • Crate Dimensions A10048H: Height 9¼ inches Width 9¼ inches Length 15 inches
  • Old Serial Number Prefix: CH

Drilling or tapping cannot begin until the magnet is turned on.

Step drilling of slightly larger diameter holes is possible.

Note: “G” dimension is from the centre of the spindle to the front of the magnet base.

Drill Heads A10048SH & A10048H spex

Drill heads can be fixtured for special applications.

Drill heads can be ordered without magnetic bases. Please specify “-NMB” suffix.

Note: All dimensions are in inches.

Drills, Taps & Adaptors for Lamina Drill Head A10048sh

Safety devices should be used when drilling horizontally or overhead.

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