Portable Electronic Die Setter - 4 Cylinders

One compact, low profile wheeled cabinet contains all the equipment you need for all the punch spotting, die setting and die separation jobs in your shop. This die setter is completely portable with self-retracting hose reels and pendant.Each Die Setter has two modes of operation:

  1. Unify Mode - Cylinders will extend until each makes contact with the die; cylinders will subsequently lift uniformly, creating a synchronous lifting system.
  2. Parallel Mode - Cylinders will extend uniformly, at the same rate, and act as a synchronous jacking system. To initiate this mode, cylinders must be fully extended or fully retracted.

Portable Electronic Die Setter - 4 cylindersSee the Lamina Hydraulic Equipment catalog for specifications.

Portable Electronic Die Setter - 6 Cylinders

The 6 cylinder Electronic Die Setter is best suited for larger, heavier stamping dies that require extra lift at the center to keep the die level during separation. It is ideal for dies that have six safety pad areas. The 6 cylinder die setter offers additional flexibility as it can be used with 4 cylinders or 6 cylinders for a lift capacity of 30 or 45 tons respectively. The unit can also act as a synchronous jacking system.Portable Electronic Die Setter - 6 cylindersSee the Lamina Hydraulic Equipment catalog for specifications.


Portable Hydraulic Die Separator

The Lamina die separator offers a portable die separation solution for dies weighing 2,500 lbs. and up. Two die separator models are available: a 15 ton maximum lift capacity and a 30 ton maximum lift capacity die separator. The die separator is completely portable with self-retracting hose reels and pendant. The hydraulic die separator can be used for any lifting application where a synchronous lifting or synchronous jacking system is required. The compact, wheeled cabinet contains all the equipment you need for any die separation job.Portable Hydraulic Die SeparatorSee the Lamina Hydraulic Equipment catalog for specifications.

Hydraulic Cylinders for Die Separator and Die Setter

Lamina hydraulic cylinders include three stock sizes of 4", 6" and 9" (closed) with a stroke range of 1½" to 6¼". Capacity per cylinder is 15,000 lbs. Other hydraulic cylinder sizes and strokes available by special order. Cribbing rings, pads, and accessories are available for all hydraulic cylinders.Hydraulic CylindersSee the Lamina Hydraulic Equipment catalog for cylinder specifications and cribbing ring safety guide.

Portable Heavy Duty Hydraulic Drill, Tapping and Drilling Equipment

Portable Hydraulic Drill, Drill Heads, and Drilling EquipmentLamina manufactures a durable, high-power Portable Hydraulic Drill. By combining power and portability in a single drill, this hydraulic drilling equipment effectively functions in a broad spectrum of applications. The hydraulic drill delivers remarkable power in openings as narrow as 9¼ inches.Because of its power and versatility, Lamina's portable heavy duty hydraulic drill and tapping equipment is used in many industry sectors including metal stamping, nuclear power, ship building, mining, construction, oil pipelines, oil rigging, and bridge building. The portable hydraulic units are available with your choice of 3-phase voltage rating.

Six hydraulic drill heads are available

Six hydraulic drill heads are available as optional equipment. Drill heads are fully interchangeable with the hydraulic power unit and feature quick disconnect fittings so you can use the drill head most suited to your application. Drill heads can be fixtured for special applications and can be ordered without a magnetic base. Manual and manual/automatic power feed drill head models are available.Hydraulic Drill HeadsSix Hydraulic Drill Heads AvailableSee the Lamina Hydraulic Equipment catalog for specifications and drill head equipment options.

Hydraulic Equipment Rental Program:

Lamina offers several programs that make it easier to purchase, rent or lease-to-own Lamina Hydraulic Equipment. More details are available about our rental programs in the Hydraulic Equipment Rental Agreement.

Portable Hydraulic Power Unit

The Lamina portable hydraulic power unit is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. The hydraulic power unit is mounted on casters and is easily moved right to the job site. The hydraulic power unit is equipped with 15 feet of hydraulic pressure hoses with quick disconnect fittings. The hydraulic power unit is 44.5 inches long x 24.5 inches wide x 54.5 inches high. The Lamina portable hydraulic power unit can be supplied ready for your hydraulic attachments.Hydraulic Power UnitsPlease see the Lamina Hydraulic Equipment catalog for more details.Hydraulic Motor - Pedestal Foot Mount GerotorLamina has been manufacturing quality hydraulic motors and portable hydraulic equipment for over 45 years. Lamina hydraulic motors can be found in many industry sectors.

Hydraulic Motors: Short Shaft Flange Mount, Long Shaft Mount and Pedestal Foot Mount

High power in a compact design, these hydraulic motors lend themselves to a host of potential applications. Lamina's gerotor hydraulic motors are available in 6 sizes, with different torques ranging from 0 to 656 in-lbs. and speeds from 0 to 2255 RPM. Hydraulic motors are available with steel or aluminium body.Hydraulic motors manufactured by Lamina have a main shaft that can be adapted, with a chuck or collet, to hold tools for rotary machining operations, such as drilling, boring, reaming and the like. Motor shaft options include Woodruff key, one or two flats, tapped hole on end of shaft, and larger key on shaft.

Hydraulic Motor Flange Options

Lamina Hydraulic motors are available with your choice of six flange options for direct bolt mounting. Other than the standard round flange, motors can be specified with a square (USA4F17 style), oval (SAE "AA" style), and smaller turned down flange. All flange styles are available in aluminum. The pedestal foot mount motor uses the standard round flange for mounting.Hydraulic Motor - Short Shaft Flange MountHydraulic Motor - Long Shaft Flange MountHydraulic Motor - Pedestal Foot MountThe unusually small size of Anchor Lamina's gerotor hydraulic motor makes it a natural choice for many applications.

  • Plastic injection molding, thread core remover
  • Reactor repair
  • Oil pipeline inspection equipment
  • Chicken processing machinery
  • Box sealing equipment
  • Tool manipulator, undersea, oil well
  • Camera manipulator, under sea
  • Camera manipulator, nuclear reactor
  • Drill and tap machine tool motor, also reactor repair
  • Gang (multiple) drilling, wood
  • Electric motor coil winder
  • Electrical discharge (E.D.M.) machines
  • Plywood machines (brushes)
  • Jumbo jet maintenance jacks
  • C.N.C, D.N.C., T.C. tool changer drive motors
  • Orange peeling machines
  • Sewing machines, automatic X Y control
  • Diamond wheel dresser
  • Milling, sawing applications
  • Fan drive motor
  • Agricultural applications
  • Conveyor drive motor
  • Automatic clamping
  • Drill pointer machines
  • Textile washing agitator motor
  • Pipe valve openers
  • Dynamite blast hole pump drive motor
  • Index mechanism drive motor
  • Hose reel retraction

Hydraulic Motor Performance

The rotor gear of these low-weight hydraulic motors rolls through four complete "cycles" for each revolution of the output shaft. Four-times greater torque at one-fourth of the conventional speed is delivered by these hydraulic motors without the use of gear reducers. Lamina hydraulic gerotor motors deliver the same amount of torque as larger hydraulic motors that are often considerably more expensive.Gerotor Hydraulic MotorThe smooth rotation and long life of Lamina's small hydraulic motor is considered an important plus by application design engineers. Because the hydraulic motor has five fluid chambers, the inherent four-to-one ratio provides twenty fluid power cycles for each revolution of the output shaft. A distinct feature of Lamina hydraulic motors is that these motors have only three moving parts; the motor shaft, the spline drive, and the gerotor star. Fewer moving parts in Lamina's gerotor hydraulic motor greatly extends the motor's service life.Within the broad range of each gerotor, any torque or speed can be readily secured. Also, the various sizes of gerotors available provide a torque range from 0 to 656 in-lbs. and RPM ranging from 0 to 2255. High selectivity to exactly meet requirements is inherent in these hydraulic motors.See the Hydraulic Motors catalog for specifications, applications and motor selection guide.

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