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Mactech Offshore Subsea Machining Solutions

Mactech Offshore Subsea Machining Solutions

industry-offshoreoilMactech Offshore Subsea Machining Solutions and equipment have been in place for several years.

Activities such as steel structure removal, decommission of platforms, well plugging and abandonment are just a few of the ongoing projects that Mactech is involved with.

A majority of this work takes place in water depths ranging from 85ft to 135ft.


Subsea Services


  • Wedding Cake – The process of cutting a wellbore into tiered layers to replace a damaged wellhead so that it can be controlled during the P&A process.
  • Window Cutting – Uses a mill to cut away an outer section of the wellbore to expose inner liners that may need to be Hot Tapped or serviced.
  • Slot Recovery – Allows Damaged or non-producing wells to be decommissioned without sacrificing its slot. Pinholes are drilled into the well slot casing to grip as it’s jacked out of the ground. Mactech will then cut sections as they are exposed.
  • Caisson Cutting – Easily perform high quality, positive cuts, suitable for internal cutting of platform legs and caisson removal of any diameter
  • Plate/Deck Cutting – Cutting large rigging holes into platform decks either submerged or standing to pass rigging through for heavy lifts
  • Drilling – Utilizing our hydraulic, electric, or pneumatic drills for pinning, or rigging holes when pulling casing.
  • Diamond Wire Cutting – Mactech brand Diamond Wire cutters available now! Using diamond wire saws to make large or critical cuts through single or multi strings and platform legs both topside and subsea.



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Mactech On-site Equipment:

  • Pipe Cutting Machines
  • Tube Expanders
  • Tube Pulling
  • Tube Cutters
  • Tube Expanding

Proud Suppliers of Esco Products:

  • Esco Products
  • Esco Millhog
  • Beveling Machines
  • Bevel Machine

Valve Products & Services:

  • Ventil Valve Testing
  • Valve Testing
  • Valve Lapping Tool
  • Valve Grinding Machine